XCMG QY70KC 70tons used truck crane Original China QY70K grúa móvil

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85.000 US$
≈ 74.900 €
≈ 67.890.000 CLP
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Marca XCMG
Tipo grúa móvil
Año de fabricación 2020
Primera matriculación 2020
Ubicación China Shanghai, Jinshan District
Fecha de publicación ene 15, 2022
Machineryline ID MQ25165
Combustible diésel
Euro Euro 5
Cajas de cambios
Tipo automático
Ejes 4
Estado usados
Lacado original
Pintura original
Inspección técnica válida hasta 2021
Información adicional
Color dorado
Información adicional
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We are a company specializing in used machinery, committed to providing every customer with satisfactory products. Our products include crane and forklift made in China and Japan. If you need machinery, please contact us. We will provide quality service in time.

XCMG qy70kc crane parameter configuration
essential information
Tonnage (ton) 44.8
Lifting capacity
Maximum rated lifting capacity (T) 70
Maximum rated lifting torque (kn. M) 2812
Minimum working range (m) 3
Maximum lifting height - basic arm (m) 12.4
Maximum lifting height - full boom (m) 55.4
Maximum lifting height - basic boom + auxiliary boom (m) 70
Maximum lifting capacity (ton) 45-90 tons
Boom size
Boom length - basic boom (m) 12.7
Boom length - full boom (m) 48
Boom length - basic boom + jib (m) 64.5
Operating speed parameters
Maximum lifting speed of main winch (M / min) 135
Maximum lifting speed of auxiliary winch (M / min) 90
Boom full extension time (s) 110
Boom luffing time (s) 55
Slewing speed (RPM) 2.0
Chassis engine model mc11.36-50
Rated power (kW / RPM) 276 / 1900
Driving parameters
Maximum speed (km / h) 90
Minimum turning radius (m) 12
Maximum gradient (%) 41
Approach angle / departure angle (°) 19 / 13
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 307
Machine specification
Overall length (mm) 14700
Overall width (mm) 2790
Overall height (mm) 3820
Wheelbase (mm) 1470 + 4500 + 1350
Working weight (T) 44.8
Outrigger span
Longitudinal × transverse (m) 6.545 * 7.9
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