XCMG QY50KD grúa móvil

XCMG QY50KD grúa móvil
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XCMG QY50KD grúa móvil imagen 3
XCMG QY50KD grúa móvil imagen 4
XCMG QY50KD grúa móvil imagen 5
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123.100 US$
Precio neto
≈ 113.600 €
≈ 98.300.000 CLP
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Marca XCMG
Modelo QY50KD
Tipo grúa móvil
Año de fabricación 2020
Horas de trabajo 2500 m/h
Capacidad de carga 50000 kg
Peso bruto 42200 kg
Altura de elevación 62 m
Ubicación China Xuzhou
Fecha de publicación mar 14, 2023
Machineryline ID JF30221
Marca de la grúa XCMG
Modelo QY50KD
Pluma 47 m
Capacidad en el extremo de la pluma 50 t
Velocidad de elevación de la carga 2.5 m/min
Velocidad 85 km/h
Contrapeso 43600 kg
Dimensiones totales 13930 m × 2780 m × 3630 m
Caja de herramientas
Marca Weichai Power WD615.338
Potencia 276 kW (375 Hp)
Consumo de combustible 40 l/100 km
Calefacción estática
Aire acondicionado
Equipo adicional
Lubricación central
Estado usados
Lacado original
Pintura original
Garantía: 3 meses
Información adicional
VIN XUG050KEKA057532
Color dorado

Información adicional — XCMG QY50KD grúa móvil

XCMG OEM Manufacturer Used Truck Cranes Crane 50 Ton QY50KD
45.5m super main arm-high frequency working condition performance stronger; 2. Gold power transmission system-power more surging; 3. Proprietary composite liquid control technology-higher efficiency; 4. High grade electrical protection-more reliable operation; 5. Elaborate-more exquisite details; 6. Intimate and humanized-more convenient to use.

XCMG reconditioned machine is the second-hand machine program launched by XCMG for the post market.
XCMG takes advantage of its dealers network to collect the second-hand XCMG machine that falls into strict standards: good condition, full function and low service hours.
The returned machine is then disassembled, repaired, painted, rebuilt and tested officially by XCMG, and the product life is therefore extended.
The price of XCMG reconditioned machine is far lower than that of the new one, but its performance and safety are not compromised thanks to XCMG's state-of-the-art processes and technologies.
In order to dispel customers' concerns, XCMG establishes a strict evaluation system for reconditioned machines and invites SGS to issue third-party certification.

Certified professional accessors who have worked for more than 10 years conduct comprehensive analysis on the machine.

Refurbish core parts to restore capacity. Replace all worn parts with genuine XCMG new ones.

Certified examiner inspects, tests and certifies the reconditioned machine. SGS provides the third-party inspection certificate.

1.What’s the warranty policy for XCMG reconditioned machines?
The warranty policy does not cover the covering parts and wearing parts. For engine, gearbox, hydraulic pump, distriutor valve and electric system, the warranty period will be 3 months or 500 working hours whichever comes first. If there is any problem within warranty period, XCMG will provide solutions accordingly.

2.How about the quality of your machine?
The procedure of recondition is taking the same criterion of brand new XCMG machines, therefore, quality of machines will be guaranteed. They are ready to work for you and XCMG will provide test report from professtional institute.

3.Are you the original manufacturer?
Yes! XCMG is leading construction machinery industry in China and XCMG can provide a complete range of constrcution machineries.

4.Can you satisfy my special requirement?
As the manufacturer,XCMG will review the special requirement and recondition it as per request (if possible).

5.What is accpetable payment terms?
Usually XCMG will accept T/T before shipment or 100% Letter of Credit at sight.

If any other questions, please feel free to contact with us.
Esta oferta es de carácter informativo. Para obtener más detalles, póngase en contacto con el vendedor.
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